Why we started My Study Assistant?

Why we started My Study Assistant?

My Study Assistant was organized in order to offer an alternative to international students. It advocates for ethical, effectual, educated, efficient and transparent (E4T) marketing in recruiting international students.

The founders of My Study Assistant are organizers of PUSO International who are helping overseas workers all over the world. They have founded the My Study Assistant to oppose the unscrupulous marketing agents and schools who are currently targeting the overseas workers and their families. These unscrupulous marketing agents (mostly are Filipinos) and schools are misleading and misinforming the overseas workers and their families about international education in Australia and other developed countries, including USA, UK, etc.

My Study Assistant’s services are for FREE – it does not collect any money from the applicants. Applicants will pay directly to the different agencies: schools, insurance provider, migration agency, etc.)

My Study Assistant only offers courses with occupations-pathways that could apply for General Skilled Migration. It has partnered with 14 schools offering different courses.

My Study Assistant has partnered with one of the best migration agencies in Australia and New Zealand, in order to make sure that applicants would not be refused on their visa applications.