Those who would like to study in Australia need to have sufficient funds to finance the initial expenses to be incurred (should not be more than Php250,000 or AUD$6,000 for most courses).

The fees to be prepared are:

>>> Tuition, Enrollment and Other School-Related Fees (minimum downpayment depending on the course is AUD$2,000 - AUD$6,000)

>>> Health Insurance (from AUD$1,200 - AUD$2,000 depending on the number of years of the course)

>>> Medical (from Php8,000 – if to be conducted in the Philippines)

>>> Visa (from AUD$575) --- plus migration agent professional fee

>>> English Test (from Php15,000 – without attending a review class)

>>> My Study Assistant Fee: Php5000 (commitment fee – refundable when already in Australia)

 Note 1: My Study Assistant will do the C.A.R.E. steps, in order to lower the expenses that would be incurred by the students, but will not handle payments of the above fees, except for the My Study Assistant fee.

 Note 2: No English test for some schools.

Sample Computation:

Fees to be prepared:
$135 (My Study Assistant - commitment fee - refundable when already in Australia)
$3000 (Tuition Downpayment - Sample Only -- some courses from $2000 to $3850)
$1450 (Health Insurance for 3 years)
$575 (Visa Fee)
$1000 (Migration Agent Professional Fee)
$220 (Medical)
$6380 ( Total) - P236,060

$$320 (English Test (PTE))

Suggested Amount of Money to Bring (Budget-Allowance)
>> Accommodation (from AUD$50 per week to AUD$150 per week): at least AUD$600 for 1 month
>> Food and Transpo: At least $1,000 for 1-2 months

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